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Are you looking for a
Corporate  Walk for
your business
partners, employees,  
or others?
Are you having a special event
fundraiser and your looking
for an
exciting demonstration
to tie to your message?
Are you looking for
Fire walking class?
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If you answered yes to any of the above then you have come to the
right place!! Here at
Firewalks.ca we are dedicated to creating your
ideal fire walking experience. Weather you are looking for a 2-4
hour action packed event to  a 2-4 day team building experience, we
will custom build your workshop incorporating any specific messages
or results you are looking to create.
"Start LIVING your Dreams!!"
In 4 action packed hours, you will learn conscious tools to
apply and achieve your goals and you will experience the
power to master any challenge on your journey to personal
and professional success.
Once you understand the illusion of fear, you are coached to embrace  physical
breakthroughs that will transform you
And  your life. Discover the tools I used to Break the Current World Record and how
when applying these principles to your daily life will make literally any dream a reality!!
This Evening is open only to people who have already attended a Fire Walking Class Please call for more information.(780-933-2391
                                                                                                                                                                                                           or 766 2911)
What’s It About?
This evening is about you and
what you have come to receive
from or release to the fire.
It is an Excellent way to:
*Ground Your spirit
*Release un-wanted stress
*Center yourself
*Ignite your passions
*Re-affirm what is happening in
your life right now
*And More!!
Hot Chocolate and Snacks Provided Please call for more information
Date: TBA Location: Grande Prairie : Cost: $75.00
Corporate Firewalking & Team Building
Special Event's and Fundraiser's
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Freedom In Releasing Everything
"This class has nothing to do with
Fire walking…
The fire walking is simply a metaphor for us to show you these tools in action!!
These tools create success on all levels, you too can use them to attain
virtually any goal even the seemingly impossible…  Like Fire walking."
Amanda Dennison
Are you looking for a
Team Building Experience ?
We can design a
specifically designed
to meet the
specific needs for your group and
Why Come to the class:
-Personal Empowerment
-Increased productivity
-An open mind
-A new world of possibilities.
-Successful Results Every time
-Become action oriented
-Igniting a new level of excitement for life
-Attain virtually any goal
- And so much more!!
“You made me realize
and accept things
about myself that I've
been struggling with
for a long time. I
recommend this to
anyone thanks.”
“Thank you for helping me
get past my fears that have
pained me for years. I feel
very strong and focused. It
was an amazing course.”
“Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you! I loved the
inspiration and I feel as if
I can conquer anything. I
will always remember
this and use my new
found knowledge to my
“There are many answers as
to why people fire walk,
personally I fire walk
because there is no other
time that I feel more
grounded and centered with
myself! I truly own that I am
capable of anything and
dream to inspire others to
look beyond what they
believe is possible and go
for their dreams with
everything that
they’ve got!
Walking Through
The Illusion of Fear
Meet my Fire
Tolly Burkan...
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Meet My Partner
Trish Dennison
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Hello and Welcome To
Our Traditional Firewalking Class
This class can be expanded into a 2 day
intensive if desired. Contact us for more details.
Learn precise tools that create success on all levels. Use them to attain any goal
personally and professionally.
It is quite simple really. We use and teach tools that empower you to achieve success on all levels.
These tools are powerful and they work!
They can be utilized by anybody.
You do not need to walk on the coal’s to learn and understand the power of these tools and principles.
Just by coming to the class  you will be  going home with a new out look on life and a new
understanding of what you are capable of with tools that you can put into practice in your life
There is an
option to walk the coals at the end of the class. Fire Walking is  an opportunity to practice
these tools and experience their profound results
here and now.
Don’t let your Fear hold you back… Join us in
“Walking through the Illusion of Fear”
A little bit more
about myself
Amanda Dennison
"World Record Holder Amanda Dennison is at it again, only
this time she is not alone!"
Come support Amanda Dennison and Roberta Brunin as the challenge the Guinness World
Record for the longest know Firewalk
(Currently held by Scott Bell who walked 250 feet over coals
averaging temps of 1200 degrees)
while raising money for both Odyssey House and Kev's Kids.
Joined by friends and family they will be
walking 300 feet in Grande Prairie AB on July 21
More information to follow, for more information or to be kept up to date with the up coming
fire walking fundraiser contact us today. amanda@firewalks.ca
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During The Evening you will…
* Participate in the building and lighting of
the fire lane.
*  Participate in working and honoring the
coal bed while it burns down.
*Discover the Transformational Essence of
* And More!!
* When the fire is ready…. We play!!!
Next Fire walking Class
Sat. Oct. 20th
Fri. Oct 26th
Full Moon Walk
Grande Prairie AB
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